Swissmango is a young and innovative technology company providing Solar energy solutions in renewable energy and sustainable technology sectors and is based in India and Switzerland.

Swissmango offers state-of-the-art high quality, reliable and affordable solar energy products, solutions and services for   industrial, domestic and rural applications.

Swissmango provides the following advantages to its customers and partners:

  • Technology and competence from the best-of-breed from Asia and Europe
  • World-class engineering and implementation expertise
  • Technology-agnostic ensuring best-fit solutions to customer requirements
  • High efficiency solar PV (Photovoltaic) systems
  • Industry Standard electronic modules
  • Affordable and reliable solutions
  • Cost and Value engineering towards faster ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Good Understanding of the local market

Swissmango’s strategic technology partnerships and dedicated customer service along with a highly qualified and experienced team makes the ideal partner in providing solar energy solutions design, implementation and consultancy.

Swissmango’s team has expertise and experience in:

  • Solar architecture
  • Spatial and environmental planning
  • LED lighting for urban, industrial and rural applications
  • World-class project management and comprehensive project consultancy
    • Holistic approach to renewable energy and sustainability
    • In-depth understanding of customer requirements
  • Over 300MWp of track-record within the Swissmango’s team in India, Europe, Africa and Rest of Asia

Its flagship solution Modular Mass-Deployment Solar Station (M2S2) provides a modular and scalable platform to bring electricity and energy services to rural populations worldwide.

Swissmango actively organizes various knowledge and skill up-gradation programmes to support the spurt of growth in the industry with partners in India and in Europe.

Swissmango believes the earth is green, the world is flat. The earliest experiments with electricity date back to the middle of the eighteenth century. The invention of the incandescent lamp in the 1870s brought electric lighting into millions of homes. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, advances were being made in the transmission and distribution of electricity through the grid. Yet, today – over 120 years later – almost a fourth of humanity has no access to electricity. Technology is shrinking the world. Solar PV makes distributed generation a viable reality. An interplay of technology, appropriate application models, financial schemes and political will can help bridge the digital divide.

Swissmango is a member of:

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